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Condition Monitoring

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Modern Solution for Modern Industry This course prepares you for qualification as a category 1 certified thermographer. You will learn about the good knowledge of infrared, how to operate the camera under different conditions and for various purposes, how to do an appropriate judgement of the measurement situation in the field and identify potential error sources. You will be able to do IR inspections following written guidelines and to report the result of this inspection. The course is delivered over four days using a combination of theoretical and practical sessions; working with images, sketches and simple diagrams to illustrate the theoretical aspects in a descriptive way. Participants learn about the basics of infrared, how to operate their camera under different conditions and for various purposes, how to appropriately judge the measurement situation and identify potential error sources. Participants will be able to undertake infrared inspections following written guidelines and report findings. The theory sections on heat and infrared provides participants with the basic knowledge needed to use their infrared camera in the field, and to recognize and interpret thermal patterns. Strong emphasis is put on the infrared measurement techniques and the influence of emissivity and reflectivity on the measurement results. Participants gain practical experience and learn how and when to use qualitative and quantitative thermography. A short introduction to inspection routines and reporting principles finalizes the theory and the preparation needed to create a short case study that is presented to the class. The course is completed with an examination. It is a written exam including multiple choice questions and practical image interpretation. All participants that pass the exam and meet all relevant requirements receive a certificate stating their performance. To successfully complete the Level 1 requirements of PRIP certification, students must participate in the required amount of face to face training, produce a small report on a thermal image problem, and pass the PRIP examination with at least 75% pass mark. A successful outcome provides students access to sit the AINDT Examination

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If you are seeking to develop good skills in infrared thermography and become part of condition monitoring or inspection team this program is for you. This program is a value added benefit for all Condition Monitoring and Inspection professionals with Vibration, Lubrication or NDT certification since it gives you another dimension of machine data which is helpful in analyzing the condition of equipment.


This course exceeds the requirements of ISO 18436-7 and SNT-TC-1A of ASNT for Level-1 in Infrared Thermography Level 1.

Introduction to Thermography:

IR Camera introduction:

Basic Thermal Science:

Basic Heat Transfer

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Radiation Energy Exchange

Thermal Image Interpretation

Thermal Image Analysis Techniques

Qualitative and Quantitative

Infrared Measurement Techniques

Infrared Measurement Techniques

Thermography Guidelines

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